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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Here at Discover Lewis and Harris, we will only ask for information that is necessary for us to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for you. We will not hold this information any longer than is needed and we will not share the information with anyone. 

We will not sell or give information in any form to third parties or anyone else.

We will only contact you until your booking and chosen activity has been finished. We wont send any unsolicited communications.

Images of individuals will not be used on social media or the Discover Lewis and Harris website, unless the individual has given consent for their image to be used.

In an event of an incident, whether big or small, a form will be filled out with the instructor and individual (or parent/ guardian if injured individual is under 18) as soon as is possible. The filled form will be kept for 90 days then shredded and discarded properly.

Only the nature of incident, date of incident and location of incident will be recorded permanently so then incidents can be understood and minimised in the future. This recording and developing process does NOT require personal information to be kept.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Phone Joel on - 07534860599

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